PNA is an England Netball registered league, which means that only teams,players and umpires who have membership with England Netball can participate in the league. Additionally, each player must also complete a PNA registration form prior to their first game. If either of these 2 conditions is not met, then your team will be fielding an unregistered/illegal player and will incur a penalty. PNA registration form completion and siganture sheets have been replaced by a venue registration list, EN QR scanning and ENgage registration for all players and and officials for the duration of covid-19 restrictions.

Please note that PNA teams can officially only use netball coaches and umpires that have membership to England Netball. If you use coaches and umpires that do not have membership then your insurance is invalidated and appropariate penalties will be imposed. If you have any queries on registration you should email

England Membership Guidance 2019
All players must have membership of England Netball (EN) before they can register to play in the PNA league. The membership year runs from 1 Sep to 31 Aug. EN does not give a reduction of the membership fee for part year memberships. There is no minimum membership fee for a team but every team member must pay the fee imposed by England Netball, South Region And Hampshire; PNA does not charge a membership fee
Please note that players must be aged 14 or over to play in the PNA league).
The easiest and quickest way to get membership is via the England Netball ENgage process.

After purchasing England Netball membership for a new player, and before a player’s first game, you must provide the player’s name, member ID and the date that the membership fee was paid to the PNA England Netball Membership Secretary; email
All memberships should registered via the ENgage application on the EN website but if you cannot access the England Netball website you should email/telephone the EN Membership Department to request assistance with the process.
Once a player has become a member, the player can log on to their personal ENgage page and download their membership card. Players should carry their membership card with them when they participate in PNA netball matches.

Registration Guidance
To register a player, a PNA registration form (Sept 2019) must be fully completed. Fully completed includes detailing the player’s EN membership details and the primary club name and ID number.
If the form is completed on the night of the player’s first game, then the form must be countersigned, before the start of the game, by either the umpire for your game or a committee member. The player must provide a signature as initials are not acceptable for a specimen signature.
If a player has completed a registration form well in advance of their first game you may opt to send the form direct to the Registration Secretary (email for postal details); however, you must leave enough time to ensure that the registration form is received prior to the player’s first game. The registration form does not need to be signed by an umpire or committee member if the form is sent in advance to the Registration Secretary.
Completion of a PNA registration form without the player having a current EN membership results in the player being ineligible to play in the PNA league until both conditions are met.

A team is only allow to have 15 players registered at any one time; if this figure is exceeded then the team will incur a penalty in line with playing an unregistered player. Players can be deregistered at any time to avoid incurring a penalty (see full details in the PNA Rules booklet). You can check how many players you have registered by looking at the PNA website selecting ‘divisions, your division number, players’.
Please note that there may be circumstances when the Registration Secretary may not have received all the necessary information to update the website; if in doubt you should confirm with the Registration Secretary that there are no outstanding player records to be added to the website.

If there is no score box at your venue then you must must post the score/signature sheet and any registration forms to the Registration Secretary (email the registration secretary for details of the postal address ( Both forms must be sent to ensure that they arrive with the Registration Secretary by no later than the Friday following your game.
You should also email the League Secretary ( to let the league secretary know the result of your game and you should email the General Secretary ( to let the EN Membership representative know the names and EN member number of any new players that you registered for the game.
When posting documentation to a PNA committee member you should always ensure that you have a certificate of ‘proof of posting’ which is available free of charge from the Post Office.

Unregistered Player Penalty
The penalty for not conforming to the registration rules is a deduction of 5 points and 30-0 walkover to the opposing team unless the result puts the opposing team at a disadvantage. An accumulation of points will incur additional penalties; further details are documented in the PNA Rules and Bye Laws booklets.

General Registration Rules
**A missing signature/score sheet will equate to your team playing unregistered players because verification of the players’ signatures cannot be made.**

**Discrepancies between a player’s specimen signature (on the PNA Registration form) and the signature provided on the score/signature sheet will result in the player being regarded as an unregistered player.**

**Players who do not provide a signature on the score/signature sheet will be regarded as an unregistered player.**

**A player whose EN membership is not confirmed at the time of playing will be an unregistered player.**

**A player who has not provided a PNA registration form will be an unregistered player.**

Completion of Signature Sheets
++Get the players to sign the form before the game starts to avoid problems with cold hands!++

++Do not sign the signature sheet in pencil.++

++Ensure that each player fully understands the need for consistency with their signature and the specimen signature provided at registration. Non matching signatures will incur a penalty.++

++Ensure that for each player there is a printed name and a signature.++

++Do not sign over the printed name.++

++Only sign in the box that corresponds to the printed name.++

++If the signature sheet is prepared in advance and a player has not played you must annotate the sheet with either ‘did not play’ or cross out the name.++