PNA Bye Laws

1. Committee Vacancies
1.1. The Committee shall have the power to temporarily fill vacancies if they arise post AGM and to co-opt members for particular projects. Co-opted members will not have a Committee vote.

2. Divisional Representatives
2.1. At its discretion, the Committee may, on a seasonal basis, appoint divisional representatives who will become the focal point for their nominated division but will not be voting members of the Committee. Details of the personnel appointed will be published on the website together with their contact details. The role of a divisional rep will include:-

2.1.1. Notifying teams if their game is cancelled due to bad weather after the 16:15 weather line deadline;

2.1.2. Being the initial point of contact for issues arising at the courts; all communications must be confirmed in an email;

2.1.3. Liaising with the Committee and collating evidence on potential conflicts.

3. Seasonal Admission to the PNA League.
3.1. Should the number of teams submitting an entry to play in the PNA league exceed the spaces available, priority will be based on the date of receipt of entry applications.

4. New and Returning Teams to the PNA League.
4.1. Whenever possible the League Secretary will allocate teams that are new to the PNA league into a division which is appropriate to the standard of the players in the team. For teams that are returning to the PNA league after an absence of no more than 2 seasons, the League Secretary will allocate the returning team to the division where the team would have played had the team remained in the league. However, if these actions would result in long standing, established PNA teams being unfairly penalised, new and returning teams may be placed in a division that may not necessarily match the team’s ability.

5. Accident & Injury Form
5.1. An accident and injury form, which is available from the PNA website, must be completed if any player or umpire suffers an accident or injury during an official PNA match. The completed form must be sent to the PNA Chairperson; email for postal address details.

6. Discretionary Rewards
6.1. The aim of the Committee is to ensure that netball in the PNA league is played competitively but in a fair and reasonable manner. In order to encourage harmony for players and umpires seasonal initiatives, such as best and fairest player, will be used to reward players and umpires who receive the most votes from their peers.

7. Dress Code for Umpires
7.1. All umpires are to abide by a dress code when officiating at a PNA league match. At a minimum an umpire must wear a white top/hoodie.

8. Registration
8.1. As per the PNA Constitution & Rules, all players participating in the PNA league must be registered before they can play in the PNA league. Registration includes membership to England Netball and and being linked to the PNA league via ENgage. Details of seasonal registration rules are published on the PNA website.

8.2. If, during the season, a registered player has not participated in a match she may transfer to another team in any divisions providing the rule on release letters has been met.

8.3. A player is permitted to deregister (be released) from their team and join another team at any time during the season providing the transfer does not contravene the player rules for rescheduled match. However, a player is not allowed to re-register for a team that they have already been registered with during the same season.

8.4 In order to try and ensure that all divisions are of a comparable standard and teams are able to compete fairly in their division the number of Regional, Hampshire and County players allowed to register for a team is restricted depending on the division. As the number of divisions can change from season to season the following list details how the restriction will work based on a league with 5 divisions.

8.4.1 Regional/County Player Restrictions are on a Tier basis as follows:- Tier 1 and Tier 2 (divisions P1 and 2 winter 2019/2020) – no restrictions. 3 (Division 1 winter 2019/2020) – restricted to a maximum of 2 registered Regional, Hampshire and County players. Tier 4 and Tier 5 (Division 2 and 3 winter 2019/2020) – restricted to a maximum of 1 registered Regional, Hampshire and County player.

8.4.2 Clarity on Restrictions A registered player is a player who has an active England Netball Membership Status and has been linked to the current PNA league as part of a team via ENgage. A team can register and de-register Regional, Hampshire and County players throughout the season providing the maximum number is not exceeded and bye law 8.3 is adhered to at all times. If a player who was not a Regional, Hampshire or County player when they were first registered for a team and they subsequently become a Regional, Hampshire or County player then that player will count towards the maximum number permitted; this may result in another Regional, Hampshire or County player having to be de-registered from the team. Relegated teams must abide by the number of Regional, Hampshire and County players allowed in their new division.


The penalty for infringing the above registration clauses will be in accordance with playing an unregistered player.

9. Medical Certificates
9.1. Only prescription sunglasses (or sun reactive glasses) can be worn during the match. The umpire(s) can request evidence that the sunglasses are prescription glasses.


Failure to produce the evidence will result in either the player withdrawing from the match or the removal of the sunglasses/gloves.

10. Play Off Procedures
10.1 At the end of the season each division will have a playoff match as determined by PNA Rule Divisional Protocols 1.3*
10.2 To maintain the integrity of the play-off match the following rules will be applied:-
10.2.1 The cost of the play-off matches will be borne by PNA;
10.2.2 Play-off matches will be scheduled for the 1st Tuesday after the end of the season;
10.2.3 All play-off matches will be officiated by independent umpires and scorers;
10.2.4 If a team chooses not to play their match then their opposition will be given the choice to either remain in their current division or opt to be promoted or relegated as appropriate;
10.2.5 The team cancelling their play-off match must abide by the decision made in 10.2.4 above;
10.2.6 The players involved in the play-off matches must play in their ‘normal’ position as evidenced by their signature sheets;
10.2.7 New players cannot be signed for play-off matches.
10.2.8 All other PNA rules are applicable to play-off matches.
*Depending on the number of teams entering the PNA league, there may be occasions when only 1 team is promoted/relegated and there will be no requirement for a playoff match.