PNA Rules

  1. Divisional Protocols

1.1. Each season the structure of the league and the number of teams per division will be decided by the PNA Committee based on the number and standard of teams entering the league. The decision will take into account the number of club teams in a division, potential umpiring conflicts and the number of available weeks to complete the season.

1.2. In terms of club/squad set-ups, a maximum of 2 teams from the club/squad will be allowed to play in the same division.

1.3. The top team of each division will automatically be promoted to the next division and the bottom team of each division will be automatically relegated to the lower division. A playoff match will be held between the team that comes second in the lower division and the team that comes second from bottom in the higher division. The result will determine whether a team gets promoted or relegated.

  1. Player Procedures

2.1. All players, coaches and umpires must have membership with England Netball before registering to participate in the PNA league1 . Participants will normally have their membership linked to a Primary club although players can have membership directly linked to England Netball.

2.2. After a new player has been approved for England Netball membership, and before the player’s first game, you must complete a PNA registration form2 providing the player’s name, England Netball membership number and signature; the Primary Club ID number and name is also required. The registration form must be signed by an umpire or committee member prior to the start of their game.

2.3. The registration form must be placed in the score box3 with your match result sheet. If there is not a score box at your venue, then you must ensure that the match sheet and any registration forms are received by the Registration Secretary no later than the Friday following your game.

2.4. Players will not have to provide a signature on the weekly score sheets to confirm their participation in a match.

2.5. A maximum of 15 players can be registered to a team at any one time; if this figure is exceeded then the team will incur a penalty in line with playing an unregistered player. Players can be deregistered at any time to avoid incurring a penalty. If in doubt the registration secretary can confirm the number of players a team has registered but there may be exceptional circumstances when the Registration Secretary may not have received all the necessary information to update her records.

2.6. Players must be aged 14 or over to be registered as a PNA player.

2.7. Player Transfers and Rescheduled Matches

2.8. Players are allowed to transfer to other teams in the same or a higher division during the season providing the registration secretary has received a release notification 24 hours before the transfer occurs. Notification is not required between seasons.

2.9. Transfer of registered PNA players is not allowed for rescheduled games that occur after the season scheduled end date for each division.

2.10. Floaters

2.11. A floater is a PNA approved player who has membership to England Netball but not registered to a PNA team. A floater can play a maximum of two times for a team in a season; additionally, a floater can play in an early and a late game on the same night4 . A floater can register for a team during the season providing they are deregistered from the floater list.

2.12. A team can only use one floater per match providing the team can field a minimum of 4 registered players and a maximum of 5 players.

2.13. A floater can be used for rescheduled games that occur after the season scheduled end date providing rules 2.10 and 2.11 are not breached.

2.14. The team is responsible for ensuring that the floater completes all match documentation5 in line with registered players.

2.15. All participants in the PNA are expected to behave in a fair, respectful, and polite manner to other players and officials at all times.

2.16. Player Procedures Consequence 4 During covid restrictions a floater can only play in one match 5 Submission of an electronic floater registration form

2.16.1. Unregistered Player. For the first occurrence of playing a non-registered player a 5-point deduction and 30-0 walkover (unless the walkover puts the team at a disadvantage) will be awarded to the opposition team and the team will be suspended for their next game. Any subsequent infringements will be referred to the Committee where the team could be suspended for the remainder of the season.

2.16.2. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour. The first instance of proven unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in a written warning unless the behaviour is so serious that it warrants immediate suspension from the league. Subsequent proven instances will result in appearing before the Disciplinary Committee

  1. Match Procedures and Punctuality

3.1. Jewellery & Nails. No item of jewellery to be worn apart from taped wedding rings. Fingernails must be kept short and smooth and will be checked prior to the game.

3.2. Kit Regulations. All team members must play in matching kit colours (dresses, skirt, bib, T-shirt, sweatshirts, leggings/tracksuit etc). Gloves & Hats Gloves may not be worn unless medical evidence is submitted annually. In this case the gloves must be of suitable soft material. No peaked hats e.g. baseball caps, to be worn not solid hair adornments.

3.3. Timing. All games will be of 1 hour duration, divided into quarters. There will be a break of two minutes between the first and third quarter and up to five minutes at half time.

3.4. Start Times. Early games will start at 18:30 and end at 19:40; late games will start at 19:55 and end at 21:05. Circumstances outside the control of the PNA may result in an alteration to the finish time of late games; members will be notified in advance if the happens.

3.4.1. The match umpire will control the start and finish time of their match and games must start on time if a team can field 5 players.

3.5. Punctuality. If matches have not started by 18:35 or 20:00 because one or both teams/umpires are not ready to start the match will be cancelled or rescheduled depending on the circumstances.

3.5.1. There will be central timing (a long whistle) to ensure matches end at the designated finish time; when this happens the umpire must blow their whistle to end their match if it is still playing.

3.6. Match Procedures and Punctuality Consequences

3.6.1. Kit. Umpires are required to report all violations of the kit rules on their umpiring sheet. For the 1st offence a verbal warning will be given, on the second and subsequent occasions 1 point will be deducted.

3.6.2. Punctuality If one team was on court ready to play when the game was cancelled the team be awarded a 30 -0 walkover and this must be annotated on the match sheet.

  1. Withdrawal from the League

4.1. A club or team considering withdrawing from the league must in first instance contact the chairperson. If the withdrawal proceeds, then the team will be held liable for any outstanding fees and will forfeit their goodwill deposit.

  1. Weather

5.1. The Committee will make a decision on whether the matches can go ahead by 16:30 and teams will be notified. A message will be put on the weather line 07707769201.6

5.2. Unless notification of postponement has been provided all teams and umpires must attend venues prepared to play their match.

5.3. Umpires will decide if their court condition is deemed too dangerous to play on and teams must abide by this decision. If the weather deteriorates during the game and an abandonment decision is taken, the score will stand if the third quarter has started.

  1. Reporting Procedures

6.1. If a team has to cancel their game or is unable to provide an umpire they must inform the umpire secretary, league secretary, team captains and umpires.

6.2. Reporting Procedure Consequences.

6.2.1. Reporting Teams not following the correct reporting procedures will be fined £10 on the first occasion, £15 on the second occasion and £20 on the third occasion.

6.2.2. Cancellation Teams that cancel games on three occasions will automatically be referred to the Committee for consideration on whether the team should be suspended from the league and have all their results from previous matches disregarded.

  1. Umpiring and Scoring Procedures

7.1. Umpire provision. Teams are responsible for providing an umpire and a scorer for the nominated match listed in the fixtures. All umpires are required to attend a Beginner or C award course and receive a divisional assessment from PNA prior to umpiring in the PNA league.

7.2. A beginner qualification is valid for 4 years.

7.3. The C award test (practical and written) must be passed within 2 years of attending a C award course.

7.4. Only C Award umpires and those working towards their C award are permitted to umpire games in the PNA’s highest division.

7.5. A PNA team is not permitted to pay a fee to an umpire although expenses of up to £15 may be paid to an umpire.

7.6. Punctuality of umpires. Umpires must be in position and ready to umpire 10 minutes before the start of the match to carry out pre match checks i.e nails, jewellery and court condition.

7.7. Scorers. All PNA divisions must provide a capable scorer. If only one scorer is available at the start of the match, the match can start until the late scorer arrives. 7.8. Umpire and Scoring Procedure Consequence

7.8.1. Associated Umpire. On the first two occasions of not supplying an umpire, a £10 fine and a 5 point deduction will be imposed. On the third occasion, the team will be referred to the committee and could result in suspension from the league.

7.8.2. Non Associated Umpire. If the umpire is not associated with the team responsible for supplying an umpire the team will be fined £10 and the umpire fined £20 for the first occasion. Any subsequent offences will be treated the same as if the umpire was associated with the team.

7.8.3. Match not played. In all circumstances if an umpire is not supplied and the game is not played the offending team is liable for the full cost of the court fees and both teams must supply an umpire and scorer for the re-arranged match.

7.8.4. Late arrival. When an umpire arrives late to start the game, providing the teams agree, the match can go ahead at the reduced time and the umpire will be fined £10.

7.8.5. Scorer. If a scorer is not provided, the offending team will be deducted 5 points and if the game did not go ahead as scheduled the offending team will be liable for the full court fees.

  1. Match Protocols

8.1. Scores will be awarded on a points basis of 5 points for a win, 3 points for a draw and if the losing teams reaches 50% or more of the winning score they will be awarded 1 point.

8.2. In the event of 2 or more teams sharing the same number of points on completion of the league goal difference will be the deciding factor.

8.3. The practice for match sheets will be advised by the League Sec prior to the start of the season. Each section on the match sheet needs to be fully completed e.g team name, date of game, division and umpire & scorers details.

8.4. A team must have a minimum of 5 players for the match to go ahead otherwise the game must be cancelled.

8.5. Consequence of incorrect match protocols

8.5.1. Cancelled Game. The team cancelling will be liable for the full court fees and a 30 -0 walkover will be awarded to the opposite team.

8.5.2. Match Sheet. Match result sheets incorrectly completed are subject to a 1 point deduction.

  1. Trophies

9.1. Trophies will be presented to the teams who finish first and second in each division at the end of each season. The number of trophies is limited to 10 per team although teams can request and pay for additional trophies. Teams can opt to receive cash instead of a trophy.

  1. Pregnancy and Fitness

10.1. The PNA follows the England Netball guidelines regarding pregnancy which prevents players participating in games after the 12th week of pregnancy. Umpires are required to withdraw from officiating if age, injury, illness or pregnancy is likely to affect the umpire’s movement and positioning to the detriment of the game

10.2. Pregnancy and Fitness Consequence. A fine of £20.00 will be imposed on a team whose player/umpire contravenes the pregnancy/fitness rule


1 At the discretion of the Committee participants in open competitions run by PNA may not need to have membership to England Netball.

2 Electronic registration forms available on, signatures are all electronic.

3 All forms are completed electronically prior to the match

6 Telephone is replaced by WhatsApp groups