The list below shows how the Portsmouth Netball Association (PNA) committee is structured. The committee will be pleased to answer any questions you may have by contacting them using the contact us form.

Chairperson Claire Smith (Aerial Angels) –

Vice Chairperson – Meghann Savage (Match Accounting)

Treasurer Judy Yoxall (Springers) –

League Secretary Brian Weston (Westowen) –

General Secretary Sheila Davies (Independent) –

Tournament Secretary Jacqui O’Neill (Westowen Blues) –

Umpiring Sec Julie Kill (Independent) –

Registration Sec Sheila Davies (Independent) –

Coaching Secretary – Vacant

Non Elected Members
Temp Covid Officer Sheila Davies –

Welcome to the General Secretary web page where you will be kept up to date with meeting dates and general PNA communications. Plus you will be able to access Minutes from the PNA meetings.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the General Secretary please email the

Future Meetings

There are currently No Future Meetings

Minutes of Meetings