1. My game has been cancelled by the other team. Do I need to let anyone know that the game is cancelled?

Yes. As the opposition team, you must inform the League and Umpiring Secretaries of the cancellation and ensure that the teams who are scheduled to umpire your game are also informed.

2. Our game was stopped in the third quarter because of the weather conditions. Will the game be reschedule?

No. Any games cancelled after the start of the third quarter due to deteriorating weather conditions are not replayed. The score at the time of cancellation stands.

3. Unfortunately I had to cancel my game on Monday evening but subsequently all games were cancelled on the Tuesday because of bad weather. Will my game be rescheduled along with everyone else’s?

No. Only those teams that were scheduled to play their game on the Tuesday will be rescheduled.


1. When new players join my team for the Summer season, do I need to make sure they are affiliated with England Netball?

Yes, all players and umpires must be affiliated with England Netball to participate in the PNA league. Unfortunately there is no reduction in the affiliation fees for part year subscriptions. However, England Netball have been known to introduced a return to netball ‘Taster affiliation fee which costs (including all County and Regional fees) substainially less than the annual affiliation fee but this is only available to players who have not been affiliated within the last 3 years. Contact England Netball (http://www.englandnetball.co.uk) for further information.

2. I want to register a 2nd claim player. What do I need to do?

You must register your player on-line with England Netball as a 2nd claim player for your team; there may be a small fee to pay. A registration form will need to be completed and proof of affiliation submitted prior to the player’s first game.

3. I currently play for a team in division 3. Can I join a team in division 4 for the rest of the season?

No. Players wishing to change teams during the season can only join teams that are playing in a higher division. The only exception to this is if the player registered for the team in the higher division but never participated in a game during the season. There is no restriction on moving to a team playing in a lower division between seasons.

4. I want to change teams mid season. What do I need to do?

You must ask your current team captain to send a release letter/email to the registration secretary to arrive no later than 24 hours before your first game. You will then need to complete a PNA registration form for your new team before your first game.

5. When will I receive my EN Affiliation Card

As all affiliation fees are paid on-line, once you have been affilaited your logon details will allow you to logon and download your membership details.


1. How do I know which side of the court I should be umpiring on?

Before the start of the game, Umpires must toss a coin to decide who covers which side of the court. You then always umpire the end to your right.

2. In our game last night both the WA and the WD repeatedly went offside simultaneously from the centre pass but neither umpires penalised the players. Shouldn't the players have been made to take a toss-up?

If neither player interfered with the centre pass i.e. the ball was caught/touched by other players in the centre third, then the umpires were correct to play advantage as neither player was interfering with play. If either player touched the ball then a toss-up should have been awarded.


1. I have received a letter telling me that I been fined although I can appeal. Do I need to pay the fine before my appeal is heard?

Yes, all penalties are enforced immediately and only if your appeal is successful will the penalties be expunged.

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