Code of Conduct

The PNA require all players to adhere to this Code of Conduct to be an enjoyable & positive experience for all players.
The key principles of responsibility and competence are:
- Accept responsibility in ensuring you know and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game.
- Play fairly, be competitive but not aggressive.
- During play do not question a decision made by the Umpires either by gesture, look, verbally or by commenting to another player.
- Keep your self-control at all times and do not retaliate, Do not use obscene language at any time.
- Accept success and failure, victory and defeat equally Your club will be judged on your behaviour.
- Thank your umpires for officiating during your match.
- Enjoy your netball.
- To not use Social Media technology to bring the game into disrepute or make an inappropriate comment about a fellow athlete, coach, official, volunteer or the PNA.
- Be liable to Disciplinary Action if you have committed any breach of this Code of Conduct.